Orbea Levels Up Off-Road Performance With New Wild E-MTB

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Orbea Levels Up Off-Road Performance With New Wild E-MTB

Spanish company Orbea is one of the big names in the cycling world. Having been in the industry for decades, Orbea has released a number of revolutionary models across all the disciplines of cycling. In today’s electrified day and age, Orbea continues to innovate with impressive e-bikes. We’ve seen it in the Urrun long-distance e-MTB, as well as the Kemen commuter, but this time around, Orbea turns an eye to the performance-oriented segment.

The new Wild eMTB has been designed to be the most capable electric enduro mountain bike out there. All the bike’s features have been precisely engineered to reduce weight, increase stiffness, and provide the most seamless power delivery possible. As such, it takes the form of a full-suspension bike with 160 millimeters of suspension travel. It also rolls on 29 inch wheels on both ends. In total, Orbea is offering the Wild eMTB in seven variantes, four of which are equipped with carbon-fiber frames, while three feature aluminum frames. Prices range from $5,699 USD all the way up to $11,999.

2023 Orbea Wild Electric Mountain Bike
2023 Orbea Wild Electric Mountain Bike

From a performance perspective, Orbea has turned to one of the most popular brands in e-bike powertrains, Bosch. The new CX and CX Race systems are featured on the Wild, and are mated to Bosch PowerTube batteries integrated into the frame’s downtube. To save weight and increase rigidity, Orbea has opted to keep the battery integrated into the frame, with the power unit only removable for servicing.

The Bosch CX motor is rated for 85 Nm of torque, and is featured on six out of the seven Wild models. The CX Race motor is 140 grams lighter, and is equipped with a Race power setting that provides 400 percent pedal assistance. This top-tier motor is equipped only on the Wild M-LTD bike, which retails for $11,999 USD. That being said, other fancy features including the wireless Mini Remote and System Controller, are shared across the board.

2023 Orbea Wild Electric Mountain Bike

Overall, the new Orbea Wild is incredibly lightweight, with the company managing to shave off up to 900 grams on a large carbon frame. To do this, the rear suspension rocker is constructed out of a one-piece carbon structure. Furthermore, the new Wild features redesigned battery mounts to make for an even lighter setup.

Last but not least, all of the models under the Orbea Wild eMTB range can be customized and configured via the MyO options on the Orbea website (linked below). Here, you can upgrade, mix, and match parts, colors, and accessories of your bike, allowing you to have a tailor-made eMTB right out of the box.

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