This Team Has Built A V12-Powered Mazda RX-7, But It’s No Pagani Engine

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This Team Has Built A V12-Powered Mazda RX-7, But It’s No Pagani Engine
This Team Has Built A V12-Powered Mazda RX-7, But It’s No Pagani Engine

Few Japanese sports cars are as iconic as the Mazda RX-7 and few are more popular for engine swaps. Of all the engine swapped RX-7s that we’ve come across over the years, this is one of the most remarkable.

The Mazda RX-7 in question has been in the possession of the same owner for 15 years and has gone through a series of iterations over that time, including being powered by a turbocharged LS with over 900 hp. For this year’s SEMA Show, the owner decided to slot in a V12 – and not just any old V12.

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The engine is Mercedes-Benz M120 that was produced by the German automaker throughout the 1990s and 2000s. It powered a plethora of different models and became particularly famous for being used in the Pagani Zonda, albeit only after being extensively modified. The V12 of this RX-7 hasn’t been pulled from a Zonda and was actually purchased from a junkyard.

Extensive changes were then done to the engine to ensure it met the demands of the owner. For example, it features unique heads, a billet dry sump pan, unique internals, and equal-length headers. The engine revs through to 9,000 rpm and runs on methanol. The owner expects the V12 to pump out between 850 hp and 1,000 hp but it has yet to be push to its limits.

The unique engine isn’t the only think that makes this RX-7 special. Beyond catching the eye thanks to the teal-colored paint finish, it stands out thanks to the widebody kit designed by Khyzyl Saleem, a talented designer who also sells kits through the Live to Offend brand.

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